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Revenues, Customs & Officials

19xx: Jigjiga Customs

19xx: Harar Customs

1917: Coronation Officials

1919: A&R Officials

1921/22: A&R Narrow OP Officials

1927/28: A&R Wide OP Officials

1928: Definitives Officials

1928: Definitive Gov't Business Officials

1930: Coronation Gov't Business Officials

1931:Low Value Provs OP Gov't Business Officials

1942?: Restoration Fiscals

1948: Imperial Lion Proofs and Specimens - $MTD

1948: Imperial Lion - $MTD

1949: AA C of C Revenues

1952: Imperial Lion (1st Issue) - $Eth

1952: Imperial Lion (2nd Issue) - $Eth

1952mperial Lion - 3rd Issue - $Eth

1952 Imperial Lion - 3rd Issue - Pelure Paper 

1950x: Eritrean Revenues Overprinted in $Eth 

1950x: Eritrean Revenues Denominated in $Eth 

1955/6 Eritrea Revenues - Trilingual OP Values

1959: Ethiopian Eritrea Selassiť Vignette

1969?: Imperial Lion - New Design 

1971: AA C of C PMG Revenues

1974: PMG Revenues

1989: PDR Revenues

1991: FDR Revenues

Alcohol Tax

Tobacco Tax

Airport Departure Tax

Ethiopian Related Revenue 

Eritrea Inland Revenue

Asmara Municipality

Italian A.O.I.



Imperial Lion Deign Revenue Stamps Denominated in Ethiopian Dollars and Cents

Third Printing: Perforation 13 1/2 X 13 1/2

Pelure Paper

  5 Cents: Ultramarine
  -Payne: R52b
  -Doig: R20
  10 Cents: Purple
  -Payne: R53b
  -Doig: R21
    20 Cents: Yellow
  -Payne: not listed
  -Doig: not listed
    25 Cents: Olive Green
  -Payne: R54b
  -Doig: R22
  50 Cents: Rose Carmine
  -Payne: R55b
  -Doig: R23
  1 Dollar: Brown
  -Payne: R56b
  -Doig: R24
    2 Dollars: Red
  -Payne: R57b
  -Doig: R25
    3 Dollars: Purple
  -Payne: R58b
  -Doig: R26
    5 Dollars: Bistre
  -Payne: R59b
  -Doig: R27
    10 Dollars: Green
  -Payne: R60b
  -Doig: R28
50 Dollars: ?
  -Payne: not listed, said to exist
  -Doig: not listed, said to exist
100 Dollars: ?
  -Payne: not listed, said to exist
  -Doig: not listed, said to exist


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