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Revenues, Customs & Officials

19xx: Jigjiga Customs

19xx: Harar Customs

1917: Coronation Officials

1919: A&R Officials

1921/22: A&R Narrow OP Officials

1927/28: A&R Wide OP Officials

1928: Definitives Officials

1928: Definitive Gov't Business Officials

1930: Coronation Gov't Business Officials

1930:Provisional OP Gov't Business Officials

1930: Coronation Officials

1930: Imperial Lion - Proofs $MTD

1931: Provisional Officials

1942?: Restoration Fiscals

1948: Imperial Lion - $MTD

1952: Imperial Lion (1st Issue) - $Eth

1952: Imperial Lion (2nd Issue) - $Eth

Imperial Lion - 3rd Issue - $Eth

1949: AA C of C Revenues

1950x: Eritrean Revenue Overprinted 

195x: Ethiopian Eritrea Revenues

1969?: Imperial Lion - New Design 

1974: PMG Revenues

1976: AA C of C PMG Revenues

1989: PDR Revenues

1991: FDR Revenues

Alcohol Tax

Tobacco Tax

Airport Departure Tax

Ethiopian Related Revenue 

Eritrea Inland Revenue

Asmara Municipality

Italian A.O.I.



Official Handstamp on 1928 Definitves

The Amharic የመንስት ፡ ጉጻይ ። translates as Government Business in English

Payne 013: Violet Handstamp on 1/8M

Payne 014:
Violet Handstamp on 1/4M

Payne 015:
Violet Handstamp on 1/2M

Payne 016: Violet Handstamp on 1M

Payne 017: Red or Violet Handstamp on 2M

Payne 018: Violet Handstamp on 4M

Payne 019: Red or Violet Handstamp on 8M

Payne 020: Violet Handstamp on 1T

Payne 021
: Red or Violet Handstamp on 2T

Payne 022
: Red or Violet Handstamp on 3T


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