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1948: Imperial Lion Proofs and Specimens - $MTD

1948: Imperial Lion - $MTD

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1952 Imperial Lion - 3rd Issue - Pelure Paper 

1950x: Eritrean Revenues Overprinted in $Eth 

1950x: Eritrean Revenues Denominated in $Eth 

1955/6 Eritrea Revenues - Trilingual OP Values

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Harar Customs Stamps

The exact origin and purposes of this issue has not yet been firmly established. They have been referred to as Jigjiga Customs stamps as well as Salt Tax revenue stamps. Research on these stamps continues. Based on my research, these are clearly customs stamps as almost every example I have examined bears the inscription in Amharic ጉምሩከ ᎓ or customs. Currently I have seen examples with Amharic (of) Harar የሐረር ፡ and (of) Jigjiga  የጅጅጋ ᎓  inscriptions. One researcher in early Ethiopian taxation practices posits that specific customs stamps may have been used to pay various types of duties.

Please contact me if you have scans to share of customs stamps or related documents not shown on my website.

ሐሩር ፡ indicates a Storage Tax

1 Piastre - Storage Tax

1 Piastre

4 Piastres

1 Thaler


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