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Laurent & Rossier was a confectionary located in Lausanne, Switzerland 

Text on Back of Card: 

   Specialty: Fir Bud Candies Unique against cough Colds and Bronchitis Success without rival!

   If you cough, demand the real ones Fir Bud Candies Please note the trade mark.

Printer: Liebes & Teichtner, Leipzig, Germany



Archille Brioschi & Company was a Pharmacy and Druggist located in Milan, Italy
Trademark: Lysoforma, an antibacterial elixir
Text on Back of Card:
Erysipelas is bad and often deadly; the germ that produces it is in the air, just a small scratch on the face causes you to be affected. Those who have the good habit of washing themselves in water sprayed with a few drops of LYSOFORMA, a non-poisonous, odorless, deodorizing and highly active disinfectant, are never hit by it, because the germ in that water finds its death.

Richard Held, Schkeuditz Margarine Manufacturer

Factory located in Leipzig, Germany

Trademarks: Freia and Weltruf 

Printer: Stengel & Co. GMBH, Dresden, Germany


Zwickau Mercantile Company has operations in Zwickau, Zwickau-Pölbitz, Zwickau-Marienthal, Schedewitz, Miederplanitz, Oberhohdorf, Mosel, Wildenfels and Werdau.
ZMC Activities Included: food and footwear sales; manufacturing footwear; fabrication of coffee roasting, butter making, soda water, lemonade and automatic beer bottling equipment; individual savings accounts; building loans; and selling interest bearing notes based on equipment sales and loans.

De Nieuwe Goedkoope Tee en Koffie Onderneming
Printer: GEBR CATS, Amsterdam 


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